Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is PSR SILK SAREES , COIMBATORE. we have many more variety of silks , sarees & salwars . PSR at two branches inkarnataka state 1)Mangalore , 2)Mysore.


  1. This is the experience i had from PSR
    Even after 6 email they have not bothered .Now i am thinking of approaching the consumer Tribunal .
    Readers please read same and tell me do you want to continue shopping in PSR

    Dear Mr Karthik,or whomsover it may concern
    This is my 4th mail in this regards and still no response from PSR in this regard not even a phonecall
    Please understand that ignoring a problem does not mean it will go away ,I think PSR is doing that now

    This is a follow up of the telecon i had with you today morning on 0422 2498694.As explained to you ,we are regular customers with PVr for the past 8 years or so,Whenever we visit coimbatore from our place Cochin,we have taken effort to
    buy only from Pvr,eventhough chennai silks and mahaveer are there .This is mainly due to the fact that the PVR service is good and the quality of the materils was also good.As you can see till now we had no reason to think otherwise .

    When we came on 10th oct ,my wife alone did the shopping as we were in a hurry and the Bill number is 110269 dated 10th oct of Rs 2718 .As of now the problem is detected in one silk type material code OQ32314 of Rs 1122.The very first wear before washing the colour patches was visble and it is not possible to wear same anymore .The stiching charges alone came to rs 850 as lining is used .

    Please look into the matter with your higher ups and let me know


  2. PSR silk is wonderful and fantastic shop in mangalore

  3. I love Silk sarees. Please let me know if you have a collection of Bridal Sarees For Wedding.